3DEXPERIENCE to SAP Connector: Connecting Engineering and Supply Chain​

From Designer to Supply Chain: Demonstration Introduction

In this 2 minute introductory video, Johannes Storvik (CTO, TECHNIA) and Phillippe Rinero (R&D Director, TECHNIA) take us through the scenario that will be covered in our full demo video.  They show us how the different pieces fit together, from design in 3DEXPERIENCE, to information available in SAP for purchasing and manufacturing planning.

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4 Key Takeaways: TECHNIA SAP Connector


Seamless Collaboration
Allow enterprise teams to collaborate on information sharing, while continuing to use market leading PLM and ERP Platforms. Enhance cross-functional processes with secured and syncronized master data.


Agile by Design
As development processes evolve over time, the connector has built in flexibility to change data-and-process mappings on the fly, meeting new business requirements quickly & ensuring data continuity.


Proven Technology
The connector is built on a solid and proven integration framework, based on well established industry standards, providing a reliable and secure connection between business critical systems.


Short Time To Value
Get started quickly and harvest business value from day one, with the help of pre-configured templates for PLM/ERP interaction, based on industry best practices.

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